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Covert Your Money

Request up-to -the minute exchange rate quotes with our live feed.

Transfer Your Funds

Manage all your bank accounts in a single place and simply add new beneficiaries. Pay shovarim or bank checks.

Transaction History

  • View and download trade confirmations

  • View historic transfers

  • Multi-currency statements

Custom Notifications

Receive SMS and email rate alerts when the mid-market reaches your determined level

Online Access Must be Approved.

The following steps must be completed

BEFORE you can trade your funds: 

Your bank wires the money to us before you can trade.

Your bank wires the money to us before you can trade.

IsraTransfer will review your registration and send you wire details.

Your bank wires the money to us before you can trade.

Once the funds are received they must be cleared by the bank.

You are now ready for trading!

More Information on Online Access 

View our FAQ, user guide and video tutorials! 

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Online Access

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