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A is for Amazon

In September, the crowds went wild as Amazon launched its highly-anticipated Israel shipping operations. The online retail giant quickly took Israel by a storm, just in time for High Holiday shopping.

Israel is a relatively small market with limited opportunities for consumers...Read Full Article.

A Country on Pause

to go. As the last two elections ended in a political stalemate, we still have no government to show for ourselves. The country continues to operate on a contingency budget, which could hurt the economy. Other economic challenges include the high expense of the new elections and stifled funding to non-profit organizations and government-sponsored programs.

In Train Sight

The express train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has finally arrived. The major cities are now a swift 32 minutes apart thanks to record-breaking tunnels and bridges used to transform the hilly route into a straight trajectory. The short commute means endless possibilities for semi-isolated Jerusalem, which is traffic-laden roads away from the bustling center of the country. More opportunities for employment, education, and cultural experience are now available to Jerusalemites in a way they've never been before. The route officially opened just in time for Chanukah, and after 18 long years in the making, it can be considered a true holiday miracle! 

Show Me the Butter!

Butter seemed to slide into every conversation this year. Butter-fever infected the country as the most Israeli supermarket shelves lacked the cooking staple. In Israel, the government regulates the dairy industry, and this keeps the prices of butter low. Milk-fat demands went up, and the dairy companies' supply went down. The government refused to raise butter prices, so the companies stopped producing it since it was no longer profitable for them to do so.

Imported butter is also regulated and faces different bureaucratic obstacles. The imported butter also met price controls at first, but the government wound up waiving these price limitations and customs fees.

And...More Elections! 

Israel let out a sigh of relief when Boris Johnson won the recent elections. His opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, was said to be antisemitic and likely to hurt economic ties with Israel. Israel's political Left and Right met Johnson's landslide victory with congratulations. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his political opponent, Benny Gantz, and many other MKs expressed gratitude regarding the electoral results.

The UK is currently Israel's third-largest export market, followed by the USA and China. Johnson's support strong ties with Israel and his win benefit the Israeli economy, as long as he can secure trade agreements following a Brexit deal.


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