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Transferring money to IsraTransfer.


We will have sent you our wiring details in order to make transfers to us. 


Mizrahi – If you are making a transfer to our Mizrahi account from overseas please find our guide here.

If you are making a transfer of Shekels from your Israeli bank to us, please find our guide here.


US bank – If you are making a domestic transfer within the US to us please see this guide:


Euro transfers within Europe: 


Source of funds


In order to satisfy the bank and regulators AML requirements we will need to know the source of the money you are sending to us. Depending on the amount of money or the country you are sending the money from will determine what documentation we will need from you. Your IsraTransfer contact will discuss with you what is required depending on your exact situation. To read more about Source of funds requirements please read here.


Converting your funds


All your transfer needs can be made through our online portal. You should have received your online log in details by now. To learn about using the portal read here.


Please remember the process is that you first need to transfer money to us. Once the money is received and the funds have been cleared with our bank you will be notified by SMS and/or email. At this point you can go on to our portal to convert the funds. Once funds are converted, you can instruct us what to do with the converted funds.


It is possible to set up a rate alert, or a request to convert your money when the exchange rate reaches a certain level.


Making payments for you


Payment to your account


Shovar payment – sometimes when you are purchasing a new build property, you are required to make payments by using a Shovar. If you need us to pay this on your behalf, we need to be in receipt of the Shovar you wish us to pay by 12pm on the day you need it paid.


Bank Check – there are many reasons why you may need a Bank check. The most common reason is for the down payment when signing for a new property. However, banks have certain requirements before preparing a bank check. We will need to see in your property contract where it says clearly that a check is required, the amount and the beneficiary. If this information is not contained in the contract, please speak with us.

If you need a bank check for any other reason, please ask us.

We will only be able to give the check to you. If you need us to give the check to someone else we will need you to sign and send back to us a Power of Attorney form, which can be found here.


Third party payment – If you need us to make a transfer to a third party we will ask you questions regarding this. If it is to a close family member, it will be fine.

If it is to a business, we will need you to send us a copy of the invoice from them to you. We will have to check the company and if everything is ok, we will make the transfer. On some occasions we have to reject making the transfer. It could be due to tax problems with the company you are looking to pay, or for other reasons. We would call you to discuss the problem if this is the case.


Using our portal




Convert money


Transfer money/shovar/bank check


Communicating with IsraTransfer

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