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A Year of Tech Success

In 2019, nine “unicorns,” or private tech companies that are worth over $1 billion, were created in Israel. The country now has 20 unicorns, topping all countries except the USA, China, and Britain. Gett, Cybereason, and Monday are among the viral bunch.

Israeli startups aren’t stopping anytime soon. From Time Magazine to Deloitte Technology Fast 500, local innovations are topping some of the most prestigious charts in the word. “Globes” came out with its list of the top 10 most promising startups of the year, based on votes from the investment community.

Here is a summary of Globe’s top 10 picks of 2019:

#10 Duality: Based in Tel Aviv and New Jersey, Duality Technologies allows secure communication between enterprises. The company is at the forefront of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET).

#9 Williot: This company developed a Bluetooth chip for IoT devices that don’t need batteries or wired electricity. Instead, the chip harvests energy from the environment, like radio waves from cell phones. This innovative technology brings us closer to a world where smart devices are commonplace.

#8 Founded in 2014, provides log analytics with an open code system that uses predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms. It is a data analysis system for programmers.

#7 Papaya Global: This global payroll platform is an innovative solution for businesses that need to manage employees worldwide. The Tel Aviv startup allows for an optimized payroll experience and works in 100 countries.

#6 Trigo: Ever dream of putting your items in your cart, skipping the checkout, and leaving the store? Trigo made this a reality by creating a checkout-free shopping experience. Founded in 2017, this Tel Aviv based startup uses ceiling-mounted cameras to identify items customers pick and charges them as they leave the store.

#5 Verbit: With offices in Tel Aviv and New York, this A.I powered transcription company is changing the industry. Transcription is increasingly important as the video and audio output increases worldwide, and Verbit automates the transcription process, allowing companies to take on larger workloads.

#4 Armis: Born in Tel Aviv, this IoT security company’s headquarters now resides in Palo Alto, California, with offices in its hometown. This cybersecurity startup plays with the big boys, as a quarter of its customers are Fortune 100 companies.

#3 Fabric: This company develops robotics technologies that transform underutilized retail spaces into delivery centers staffed by robots. That’s right, robots.

#2 JoyTunes: This startup is true to its name. From their Tel Aviv headquarters, the company brings joy through music to millions of people worldwide with their music learning software.

The #1 Globes Startup of 2019 is...


Drivenets started small with a big vision: to revolutionize networks. Founded in 2015 by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky, this Ra’anana based company currently employs 200 people and provides network management tools to communications service providers. This startup-of the-year is challenging giants in the field, like Cisco and Juniper, with their network cloud solution aimed at lowering the financial burden of their clients worldwide.


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