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Doron Seitz

Originally from London, England, Doron made Aliyah in 2001. Doron has excelled in several business management roles in both Israel and Italy, where he lived from 2004 to 2008, before returning to Israel to co-found IsraTransfer. Today, Doron deals with the day to day oversight of the company, and its rapid growth. He has a B.A in Marketing and Business Studies from Middlesex University in London. Doron’s famous Yemenite soup can make even the toughest Yemenite safta cry for the ‘old days’, and he enjoys a dram of whisky – but make sure it’s Japanese.

CEO & Co-Founder


Daniel Engelsman

Originally from London, England, Daniel made Aliyah in 2008. Prior to his Aliyah, Daniel worked for a boutique foreign exchange company in London as a Junior Foreign Exchange Trader. He was then headhunted to become a Senior Trader at a firm in Canary Wharf, London. Today, Daniel is responsible for ensuring the conversion and remittance of funds and their correct execution. His experience has proved invaluable in the day to day interaction with the bank’s’ dealing room, and he has used this knowledge to the benefit of clients. Daniel has a B.Sc in Mathematical Sciences with Finance and Economics from City University, London. When Daniel is not busy BBQing, you can find him watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur. He often gets excited that his team will eventually win something, but they always let him down!

Head of Trading & Co-Founder


Daniel Eisenberg

Originally from the United States, Daniel made Aliyah in 2014. Prior to his Aliyah, Daniel served as the Director of Business Development for a large medical center in NY, where he managed staff and built and maintained relationships with other hospitals and medical clinics. Today, Daniel focuses on enhancing relationships with both other businesses and clients, with a strong focus on customer support. Daniel earned a B.A. from Queens College and an advanced degree from the University of Bridgeport. Daniel came in first place at the 34th annual International Jewish Geography Championship.

Director of Business Development


Yaell Akiva

Originally from the UK, Yaelle made Aliyah in 2014, where she gained experience in the foreign exchange business before joining IsraTransfer. Today, she carries out diligent checks to ensure that all funds received and money transferred are accurate, and that bank accounts are reconciled. Yaelle helps clients with a wide array of customer service issues that may arise, and conducts the necessary compliance checks for all new and existing clients. Yaelle has a BA in Law from the University of Westminster, London.

Customer Success Manager



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לקוחות מרוצים


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CEO of IsraTransfer says “there’s a massive problem with cashing checks.”

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