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Aliyah Goes Digital

Would you make aliyah during a pandemic? Though not an easy feat, 20,000 Olim came to Israel in the past year. This number includes nearly 5,000 children and 420 young men and women who came to serve in the IDF. Just this week, 104 new Olim from the USA boarded a plane to fulfill their dream of living in the Promised Land.

Although actual aliyah was down from previous years, interest in moving to Israel increased. Many potential immigrants filed the paperwork to start the process. With their phones ringing off the hook, Nefesh b’Nefesh had to create an innovative way to get people ready to move to Israel. In the past, the organization facilitating aliyah holds their Mega Aliyah Event in the USA once a year. At the event, prospective Olim learns about working in Israel, the education system, communities and more.

This year, the event moved to the digital sphere. Branded “Aliyah Inspired” the 30-day program contains webinars, one-on-one meetings, and more to give attendees the information and tools they need to make aliyah from North America.


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